I Am Enough – Organic Rose Hydrosol



Benefits of Organic Rose Hydrosol include

  • Helping to balance hormones. Eases PMS, cramps, and moodiness
  • To rehydrate, cool and refresh skin on warm days
  •  Can be a valuable addition to your beauty regimen
  • Used to make numerous skin care preparations: clay masks, splashes, deodorants, and moisturisers
  • Psychological Rose is balancing helping to process emotions
  •  Subtly it promotes love of others, self-love, and compassion
  • Can be used as auric field cleanser or room clearer invoking the angelic realms
Certified Organic Hydrosol

This pure Organic Rose Hydrosol, distilled from delicate rose petals, is designed to rejuvenate all skin types. Rosewater controls and balances sebum production, making it useful for both dry and oily skin. It can balance and restore the skin’s Ph and helps tighten pores. Its antibacterial properties help fight acne giving troubled skin a gentle, rather than a harsh treatment. It is reputed to be useful in the treatment of all sorts of dermatitis.

Rose Hydrosol helps the skin to absorb face oils, as the skin becomes more permeable when moist. After toning the skin with your organic hydrosol the next perfect step to pure and excellent skin care is to apply Organic Rosehip Oil.



I Am Enough – Organic Rose Damask Hydrosol 50ml


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