Kids just need to be seen and heard.

As a mother of boys I know very well the highs and lows of parenthood.  I’ve been guilty of locking myself in my bathroom and turning on the shower to drown out the sound of “mum, mum, mum” once the kids are in bed.

Although it lets me take in a few mindful breaths, it still manages to make me feel a little guilty and I find myself going back into the bedrooms and giving them the extra last hug, kiss, drink of water or just listening one last time to someone asking ” mum, tomorrow can I play on the iPad?”.

I guess the point of my story is to say that even when you work as a mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher, you can still find yourself tired, frustrated and depleted of any energy for yourself by the end of the day.  So I started to read some books on how I can help myself, which would in turn help my kids and I came across a book by Cathy Cassani Adams – Live what you want your kids to learn:  The power of Self Parenting.

I loved this paragraph (which I will quote below) so much that I decided to write my first blog about it.  I felt if it could bring me some peace and understanding, then others may feel the same.

“They (kids) just want to be seen and heard – things that require us to simply put the phone down, stop cleaning the kitchen, and look them in the eye.   We can sit across from them in a chair, listen intently, and maybe grab their hand so they know we are really there.

Yes, we are busy and there are many things during the day that demand our time and energy.  As parents, it is our job to be conscious of what’s truly important.  Many things seem important, and other people like to tell us what’s important.  But I’ve learned that nothing is as important as the story my daughter is about to tell me.  She’s sharing her life with me.

When I listen, I share my love with her.”

This paragraph really resonated with me and although we are all doing our best, sometimes I know I’m guilty of letting rules, teaching lessons and my own life stand in the way of simple listening attentively to the people that give me so much unconditional love.

I like to think that I can always do better and little reminders that come from signs, books and other people come to you for a reason.

Tonight I will forget about all my many ‘to do lists’.   I will be listening attentively to my boys and make sure to hold their hand and give them cuddles.

This is good for my heart, and theirs. ♥