About Sophie Nolis

Hi, my name is Sophie and I am the creator of Spirit Nation.

Spirit Nation was founded in late 2015 with the vision of bringing to you meditation, yoga and mindfulness techniques to help you through everyday life – the good times and the bad. The benefits gained from these practices are just too good not to share.

I was first introduced to yoga in 1998 whilst living in San Franscico and was blown away at the effect it had on me both spiritually and physically. Since then, through my journey of life I have had some amazing experiences as well as faced some challenges and I have always turned to meditation and yoga to keep mindful, seek clarity and stay grounded.

I am passionate about living life with love and compassion.

A mother of 3 beautiful boys, I have a zest for life, laughter and creative expression. I draw energy and strength from people and being surrounded by nature.

Over the years I have practised different styles of yoga and am currently a student and teacher of the Kundalini practice.

Henry Grossek interview with Sophie Nolis on Casey FM



  • Owner of a children’s yoga business
  • Teaching yoga and mediation classes in schools and kindergartens across Melbourne
  • Meditation workshops for – Children, Parents and Educators
  • Collaborated with Mindful Ripples (Sandra Katsikis) on delivering workshops at Edendale Children’s Farm On the importance of Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Collaborating with Liz Blanchard and Henery Grossek on bridging the Early Frameworks program to the AusVels (The first of its kind).


  • Qualified Radiant Child Yoga and Meditation teacher
  • Accredited Holistic Meditation Teacher with Yoga Alliance
  • Completed Foundations for Yoga Therapy and module 1 – Prana for medicine with Dr Shanti Shanti in May 2014
  • Completed Spirit Junkies Masterclass with Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Completed Wild Roots Vocal Journey with Amit Carmeli