What do you do in meditation?

What you do in meditation can range across the following internal attitudes:


Being: Just sitting.

Being in the presence: Being present with something or someone.

Chanting: Verbally repeating or singing phrases or names.

Repeating a sound/word in silence.

Concentration: Maintaining awareness on a thought or image.

Contemplating: Following a train of thought.

Insight: Considering the meaning of life, thought or experience.

Listening: Following sounds, music, words, hearing inner suggestions.

Mindfulness: Noticing thoughts and sensations; counting breaths.

Praying: Offering thoughts to a higher being.

Problem solving: Penetrating a riddle or problem.

Repetition: Repeatedly thinking or saying a name, word, or phrase.

Training the heart: Repeating a thought or feeling to make habitual.

Visualisation: Creating or following guided imagery.

Meditating with Children

Meditation is a highly individualised process. It is about becoming sensitive and aware of your inner environment. So you work from the inside out.

We teach an unlimited wealth of meditations: Some involve breath, some imagery, some with chanting and singing.

Meditation for children needs to be relevant to their lives, engage their imagination and enthusiasm, and though it can be challenging, it should not be gruelling.

Repetition is best with children, so what we teach can continue in the classroom or at home.



The word Yoga means “to unite”
Yoga unites the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person.

“Children learn best from their own experience” – Yogi Bhajan

The body is made to do yoga. Yoga postures and angles create certain pressures to stimulate the body and brain, making the necessary changes to become a healthy, happy and whole person.

We are trained in Kundalini yoga which was given by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini Yoga is a form of physical and mental exercise that with practise, awakens the creative potential within. With practice, life gets better – more joyful, more peaceful, more connected to inner guidance.